How to choose the correct sealant for your sink

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April 6, 2016
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Blocked sink EN2 experts are geniuses whenit comes to working with blocked sinks. If they find that the blocked sink will remain blocked after their efforts and repairing and the sink blocks again and again due to many reasons, the blocked sink EN2 engineer will mostly advise to change the sanitary system of the sink. Most of the time if the sanitary system has not been effected and the only reason to repair the sink is due to the sealant displacing itself, the engineer will advise you to re-install the sink.

While installing the sink, you will find many types of cements in the plumbing stores to help install the sink. While choosing the sealant or cement, you should know the sink type in your home. Some of the sealants are mentioned below for your home sinks:

Plumber putty is an effective, easy and ready option for every plumber. With this putty you can easily seal your sink. With this sealant you only have to take a tennis ball size amount of putty and make a long snake type rope. Then place it around the edges, place the sink and push it up hard to give it firm standing.
Stainless plumber putty is very good with the sinks in which stains show easily. This putty doesn’t leave any kind of stain after installing.

Some of the sinks are not good for plumber putty or for stainless plumber putty. There is nothing to worry about. Ask your engineer and he will help you. This putty is a paste-like gum used with a gum gun. You have to place the gum tube in the gun. Make a thin cut with knife. Now place the gum gun on the edges, spread the gum evenly and place your sink firmly. Clean with a wet towel.
Appropriate sealants are very important to choose. Understand your sink type, ask an appropriate person for the sealant, and use it properly for long lasting results.

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