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Drain cleaner is used to clear the blocked shower Enfield and it can also unblock sewer pipes and help in preventing clogged drains. The term can be used to refer to the people who also perform such an activity of clearing the drains using the products or devices to clean the clog. Drain cleaners may be found in two different categories: devices or chemicals.

When a shower drain has been clogged, you should think first about the drain cleaner capable of removing the soft obstruction like grease or hair clogs which may have accumulated near the opening. For this, you need a home remedy drain cleaner, air burst drain cleaner, handheld drain auger, plunger or chemical drain cleaner.
When the first option does not help, then it is good to think of other options like using sewer jetters or an electric drain cleaner. Chemical drain cleaners may be liquid or solid form and they are available in the hardware stores, but there are some that should be used only by a plumber who is licensed. Alkaline drain cleaner is available in liquid or solid state and the acidic ones are found in liquid form.

Alkaline drain openers typically use sodium hydroxide and there are some that have potassium hydroxide. You can find them in solid or liquid form. The liquid formulation is made up with the corrosive alkaline drain cleaner and it has sodium hypochlorite, which is a bleach or Iye, which may be potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide. Other concentrations are available like two part cleaners that should be mixed while they are being used in the blocked shower Enfield.

Acid drain cleaners may have sulfuric acid at a high concentration. It may be used to dissolve some types of clogs. It can also solve the clogging problems through a dehydration process.

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