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July 2, 2016
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Forget about all the chemicals that you used to use for drain cleaning and for the unblocking of Blocked outside drain Enfield, because equally good results can be achieved with common household ingredients that also don’t harm your health and natural surroundings. You maybe don’t know that you have very effective cleaning ingredient in the kitchen, one that can provide necessary help for Blocked outside drain Enfield. Lemon is welcoming help during the period of colds and fevers; it is excellent as additions to drinks and salads, but it is also very efficient in the cleaning of entire household.
How come that lemon is so effective cleaning solution? It has high level of acids that enable this fruit to be very effective antibacterial solution that enable lemon to destroy majority of usual bacteria present in te household. Lemon has number of applications in the household. It can refresh drains-just grate lemon peel and squeeze the juice in the drain and let it work for half an hour. Then pour hot water over it. Unlike vinegar, lemon doesn’t have intensive scent and will effectively grease off drain and leave pleasant, fresh scent.

When it comes to copper, brass and chrome you don’t want to use aggressive chemicals because they can damage surface. Instead, use half of lemon. Lemon is very sour/acidic which enables it to dissolve mineral deposits and then easily remove it from metal dishes and utensils. If you want special shine, dip lemon half into salt which will act as an abrasive and additionally shine up surface.

Mixed unpleasant odours in a microwave can discourage you from using it or cleaning it. However, you can easily remove nasty odours from microwave. All you have to do is to slice one lemon and put it into a dish that can be heated in a microwave. Pour hot water over lemon slices and turn on microwave to highest temperature for 2-3 minutes. Lemon’s antibacterial qualities and lemon acid vapours will destroy bacteria and soften dried food remains, which will enable you to easily remove remains and dirt as well as to unpleasant odours.

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