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Frozen pipework is a major problem that causes heartache to anyone experiencing it. There are things that can be done but you must get an expert to come and sort it for you unless you have some experience. EN2 Plumbers will check and rectify this. Below are some tips for dignosing and rectifying your frozen pipes. Initially if there is no water, then check with the neighbours and if they are without also, it may be a supply problem and the water company should be contacted. If it is just your pipes that are affected, then they may well be frozen (if it is that cold)

The points below should help:

1). Isolate the water supply at the main shut off valve. You usually find this under the kitchen sink or where the service pipe enters the property.

2). Visually inspect the pipework. Do as much that you can for evidence of freezing i.e. icing on the outside of the pipes.

3). Always Open a cold water tap that is situated very close to the part of the pipe that’s frozen so that water will flow out once the thaw starts.

4). Direct heat such as a heat gun or blowtorch is a bad idea as it will probably damage your pipes. This will cause major problems

5). Something like a heat pad or even the warm air from a hairdryer could be used to defrost the pipes. Also the running water behind the frozen section can sometimes help to thaw the ice. A trickle of water from an open tap can be a sign that it is working.

6). Once the ice formation has thawed out. You must check thoroughly your whole system for leaks. If some have occurred and you are not confident in you abilities, you may need to call in a professional like EN2 Plumbers who can make important checks and rectify faults..

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