May 27, 2014
May 28, 2014
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Unfortunately there are times even for something as reliable as an insinkerator or garbage disposal unit when it becomes blocked. A fantastic appliance, this unit can fall victim to clogging if not looked after correctly.

Especially if You:
A). Feed the waste food in the unit too quickly.
B). Do not run sufficient water while the unit is mashing and processing the waste.
C). Accidently drop foreign objects i.e. a piece of cutlery in the unit.

Any of the above reasons will cause a problem with the disposal, as they are not perfect and cannot deal with all that is fed into them. Corncobs, fish or bones from the Sunday chicken fed into the disposal can cause a major failure and clogging. The use of any solvent cleaners is never advised, because of corrosion and health issues also. A Professional plumbing service like Enfield Plumbers will unclog your insinkerator and advise on basic maintenance.

Top Tip:
A fresh halved lemon thrown in the unit twice a year or so will have a deodorising affect in the unit. You know by the fresh lemon odour.

Unblock a Disposal:
1). Firstly isolate the power to the disposal unit. Never put your hand in a disposal, even if the power is turned off.
2). Carry out a visual inspection, looking for any foreign objects caught in the disposal unit. Should you find something, you can use pliers to reach in the and remove it.
3). Once you are satisfied, you can turn the power back on if required re-make any re-sets or cut-out switches so the unit will run. An Enfield Plumber EN2 is trained to install and maintain these appliances.

Still Clogged?
1). Isolate and push a long dowel, or even a broom handle in to try and move the blockage. Not your hand.
2). Make sure the impeller is free to spin by using the same handle. The impeller rotates really quick to grind and mash the waste.
3). As long as the impeller moves freely, turn on and test.

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