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July 10, 2014
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The water and appliances that we all have fitted in the home are very important and need to be well maintained. If the hot water supply equipment is not fitted with any insulating material, then you should really think about applying some kind of insulation material. This insulation may be for a heater installed in a place or space that is not the usual location such as a garage or even a basement. One of the quickest and easiest ways to use insulation is to cover the water storage cylinder or tank with an insulating blanket. This type of insulation blanket is not for use on a water heater that is installed where its lost heat can be reused. Enfield Plumbers carry the correct tools for all plumbing jobs. This blanket is not required if a water heater is new, as they are already covered with R-16 insulation, (this is a factory insulation fitted between the shell and the vessel). The manufacturers label should tell you how much insulation your water heater contains. You can purchase a water heater insulation blanket as a kit for most sizes of the heater for example, anywhere from 30-50 gallons. EN2 Plumbers are skilled professionals. The kit comprises of a blanket with white vinyl on its outside and raw insulating material on the inside with enough adhesive tape to finish the seams. Wrapping A Gas Water Heater With A Blanket is done by wrapping it all the way around and from the top to just a little below the controller. The tank bottom is quite a few inches above the bottom of the heater, and 2/3in lower than the drain valve so the blanket may appear short (but that’s fine). Do not use on top of a gas fired water heater as the insulation may cause a fire due to the heated exhaust. This insulation blanket should not be used to cover the controller, anode or the pressure and temperature relief valve. For an electric water heater you can use the blanket on the sides and top.

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