May 28, 2014
The WC Cistern
May 29, 2014
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The Instant Shower:
This electrically or gas powered showers use the instant heat of the boiler or mains electricity to heat their water directly as it provides hot water on demand, which is great for frequent usage. Their cost is not high and are quite economical to run but they do not supply a flow that a mixer shower or a pumped shower can provide.

A Flushing Valve:
The flush valve is employed in a WC system to purge the waste from a toilet pan, using the cistern’s water volume. Quite new in the UK, the valves are operated using a button or can even incorporate an electronic sensor. The flush happens as a seal over the outlet hole lifts, allowing the water in the cistern to be discharged into the WC pan. The waste is then cleared from the pan and down the soil pipe.

Anti-Entrapment Device:
If the water suction inlet is covered, it will cut out the system. Enfield Plumbers are familiar with this device.

Back to Wall WC:
This type of WC is paneled to hide the trap, consisting of a cistern that is concealed behind a panel to the rear of the pan. There are many ways to panel or hide this WC.

The Centrifugal Pump:
This pump will attract the water through its centre, and then as it spins will force the water out to its extremity by centrifugal force and the discharge vertically.

Ceramic Tap Discs:
These discs are a great idea as they are hard wearing and give a very positive on/off action. They are quite common now and are a low maintenance appliance with ease of operation. An Enfield Plumber EN2 can fit discs.

Compression Fitting:
A nut and olive that compresses around copper pipes when tightened to create a watertight seal.

Back-Siphoning or Back Flow:
Both of the actions above cause the air gap to be bridged between clean mains water, in a main supply or stored, and used (grey) water from a shower tray, toilet bowl, bidet or even a bath. The grey water may be carrying bacteria or material that will encourage the growth of bacteria and come contaminate the clean water supply to the house.

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