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You probably don’t think of heat pumps, when you think about how a building can be cooled. “Air conditioning” are actually more like the words that come straight to mind. Unless you are very mindful of costings of such fitted equipment. Alternative choices are limited, but, you could also go for a “fan.”

You will be shocked to learn that heat pumps can provide both heat and cold, and is preferred in some applications to having a separate source of heat and cold. Enfield Plumbers can provide expert advice on this.

This type of pump is one that uses energy (a small amount) to send heating from one location to another. The heat pump is used to take heat from the air all around or the ground below to provide a source of heat, perhaps for a home or office building. They can also be used to cool as well. If you know basically how an air conditioner works like an EN2 Plumber does, then you already know a reasonable amount about just how this pump works.

The reason quite simple really, the heat pump and air conditioner operate the same way.

The most attractive thing regarding the heat pump compared to any other system on the market is that there is no need to fit separate systems to do both jobs. Heat pumps are very efficient, because they simply move heat around, rather than burn up fuel to make the heat. This makes them much greener than a gas burning heater. If you’ve ever swam in a heated pool, you more than likely have the heat pump to thank for your lovely warm water. So if you don’t experience extreme heat and cold in your location, then, try using a heat pump instead of a heater and/or air conditioner and it could help you save your hard earned cash each month.

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