Tips to save on the energy bill of your boiler

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March 5, 2016
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When you use a boiler just in the winter season, your energy bill could be expensive. It may vary according to your boiler type. Gas boilers are cheaper and can save your energy bills, whereas electric boilers are expensive to use. If your energy bills vary every month in winters, check your boiler and if usage is high, get tips to save on your energy bills from your engineer of boiler repairs EN2. He can definitely give you better ways to save your money and your energy bills.
Tips to save on your energy bills:

High energy bills are a headache. Here are some of the simple tips to save on your energy bills of your boiler.
Get gas from the company who is giving low rates of gas. It definitely can cut down your bills.
Don’t turn on your boiler whenever it is not necessary.
Most of the families turn on their boiler on 20 C and wear t-shirts and shorts in their homes. Save your energy bills by turning your boilers on just one degree less – 19.
Check the thermostat of your washroom. Turn on the thermostat high whenever it is needed. If the water is very hot, check the thermostat and lower it to save your energy bills.

Close your home curtains and windows to keep warmness from escaping your rooms.
If you are not at home, turn off your boiler to save on your energy bills as well as save you from danger.
If your tap is faulty and hot water is being wasted, it will waste you boiler’s energy and can be costly.
Use pressure cookers instead of using a pot for cooking.
Call your boiler repairs EN2 engineer if you find any kind of leakage in your boiler. A leaking boiler gives you high energy bills.

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