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Being able to have an effective control of your heating is a very critical part of an efficient central heating system. The wise use of controls can help you reduce energy consumption by making sure that each room stays at the right temperature for comfort, and stop any overheating.

Temperature Controls.
There are boilers that use separate temperature controls for the heating and hot water.
This will let you to set the temperature of the water that leaves the boiler to supply the heating, which is a great idea if you want to guarantee that your boiler works as efficiently as possible (by reducing the temperature), or make it heat the radiators more quickly in cold weather (by increasing the temperature).

Programmable Room Thermostat.
This is a room thermostat that lets you select the different times you want the heating to come on, and the temperature it should be while it’s on. There is a 7 day timer that allows the homeowner to create different heating selections for weekdays and weekends. Some of these types of timers allow different selections for each day of the week which is good for people who work part-time or are on shifts.

Thermostatic Valves.
(TRVs) are valves fitted to radiators that react to different temperatures and are a great innovation for the control of the temperature of the water flowing through radiators in the home. These are very flexible in their operation. These types of automatically operated central heating controls are really only good for use with gas/oil using central heating systems. Enfield Plumbers can fit this type of valve.

Full Zone Control.
Many properties use a single heating zone meaning that the only controls in the rooms are thermostatic radiator valves (above). As a new central heating system is fitted, it is possible to have a full zone control fitted which will have different pipe loops and separate thermostats for two (or even more) areas. These can help you make significant savings in the amounts of fuel burned in bigger properties.

Programme Timer.
This particular device allows you to make subtle changes to the timing of a central heating and hot water system so you can control when they operate. These can be of a clockwork mechanism, although these are now old fashioned and not fitted. More than likely, a digital pushbutton type will be fitted. EN2 Plumbers install timing devices.

Digital Programmer.
This piece of kit will more than likely to be located in an upstairs cupboard such as an airing cupboard. Mainly fitted with new boiler installations, to allow control of the central heating singly or the heating system and hot water together.

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